Introduction To Security Cameras

Security is an aspect of concern for all to ensure protection of self and family members, property, offices, and livestock etc. Use of security cameras is considered as best way of deterring the criminals from causing harm to you or your property (even when you are thousands of kilometers away from your place), keeping away intruders and even for checking activities of your kids. You must have seen security cameras installed at vital installations like business houses, malls, banks etc. Some of the security cameras are visible whereas some are hidden cameras. Most of the security cameras are connected to computers (camera network security software). Some manufacturers offer you free security camera software. A cost-effective and breach proof security camera network can be created with the help of PC, webcam and security camera software.

Security Camera CCTV: The concept of use of CCTV security cameras is in existence since many years. However, with the advancement of technology the equipment used in the latest security camera CCTV system have changed significantly.

Change couple Device (CCD) or CMOS chips are used in CCTV security cameras for producing images. However, the images obtained through CCTV cameras with CMOS chip are poor in quality. CCD chip produces high quality images. The sharpness of picture is related to number of TV lines. Cameras with more than 400 TV lines are considered as good resolution and more than 500 TV lines are considered high resolution. Black and White security cameras provide greater resolution and higher light sensitivity. Color security cameras provide more natural and realistic images.

Following are some of the common types of security cameras, categorized on the basis of camera body.

• Professional grade security cameras
• Bullet cameras
• Board cameras
• PC based CCTV systems
• Stand Alone systems

Home Security Cameras: As indicative from the name security cameras used for security of home are called as home security cameras. Use of security camera has been in existence in offices and stores since long time. With the decreased prices and increased security consciousness, home security cameras are also becoming popular. You can attaché the security camera to your TV and view it like a normal TV channel. As you can see all visitors approaching your home, through home security camera, you can keep away intruders and suspicious people as well as vehicles and equipments. Home security camera can provide you information about the happening that tool place in your absence by recording events. Home security camera can be used as a device to check your kids. Security cameras can also be fitted at farmhouses with an aim of stressing trespassers and suspected danger to livestock. With the help of internet connected home security cameras you can ensure security of your home even when you are thousands kilometers away from home.

Home security cameras provide better results when placed on strategic locations in and around home and are adopted as part of combined security camera systems such as detectors, control panels and alarms. Home security cameras are available in various cost ranges.

Wireless Security Cameras: Security has become concern in our daily life. Use of various electronic devices is considered as best option for deterring criminals from causing harm to you or your property. Wireless security camera is one of such security devices. Initially Wireless security cameras were used in vital installations like banks etc. With reduction of cost and easy availability these cameras are now used on large scale in places like airports, casinos, departmental stores etc.

Network Security Camera Software: Use of video surveillance software is an excellent and cost-effective method for developing centralized security network. You can use bullet cameras or normal hidden cameras along with the surveillance software. Network security camera can be used for home security as well as at business places. At present Windows and Mac are the only two versions of internet video surveillance software available. Some of these network security cameras have Picture in Picture (PIP) feature. Recording facility, DVD play and burn facility and live broadcast via internet are the other features of network security camera software.

Choosing Wireless or Hard Wired Home Security Products

One very important decision that homeowners have to make regarding home security products is whether they opt for wireless or hardwired home security products. Obviously both wireless and hard wired home security products have their advantages and disadvantages. The decision to choose one type of home security products over the other is largely a matter of personal preference. This article will outline the advantage and disadvantage of these home security products and allow the reader to draw their own conclusion.

Wireless home security products certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages. For many the major advantage of wireless home security products is that the systems are easy and inexpensive to install. Home security products that do not require wires are so simple to install because you do not have to worry about installing complicated wiring into the walls. Another advantage of wireless home security products is that they can be easily moved from one location to another in the home. They can even be taken with you if you move to a new location. Finally another advantage is that wireless home products can be installed in locations where there is no access to a power supply because they have their own internal battery. Wireless home security products do have their disadvantages as well. One of these disadvantages is that wireless products often have design limitations that prevent these products from being placed too far from the central control panel. Another disadvantage is that wireless products require frequent battery changes.

Hard wire home security products are preferred by some but they do have both advantages and disadvantages. One of the most significant advantages of hard wire home security products is the reliability of the systems. Many consider hard wire home security products to more reliable than their wireless counterparts. Another advantage to hard wire products is they are usually installed by professional contractors and the work and parts come with a warranty. The cost of hard wire home security products is a definite disadvantage. These products are usually more expensive than wireless versions. Another disadvantage is that moving the parts is usually difficult and often impossible. The components of a hard wire security system are usually leased from the company who installs them and are not owned outright by the homeowner.

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of wireless and home security products will help you determine which type of home security products you want to use in your home. In many cases the advantage of one system is the disadvantage of the other system. For this reason, choosing these home security products is mostly a matter of personal preference. Speaking to a professional in the industry can be an excellent way to make this decision.

Types of Home Security Cameras

Silver CCTV Camera on the white wall

Home security cameras are available in a wide array of styles and features. Home and business owners can choose the camera that best fits need and budget. Wired and wireless versions make choosing the perfect fit even easier.
Home Security cameras are available in wired, wireless, daytime and night-vision types. Here are a few of the most often used types.

Fake Home Security Cameras

Fake cameras are available. These cameras look like real security cameras but aren’t cameras at all. Fake warning stickers are also available. These items give the illusion that the property is protected and someone is watching.
Intelligent Video Surveillance Home Security Cameras

Intelligent video surveillance cameras involve the use of equipment set to actively monitor areas and/or activities. Daycares and hospitals use this type of surveillance to monitor areas where there should not be anyone present. This type of camera can also let the viewer know when something changes in the monitored area, i.e., a package is left behind.
Future intelligent cameras will have the ability to recognize features and therefore let the viewer know if someone other than an authorized person is present.

Wide-angle Home Security Cameras

Cameras featuring a wide-angle lens, usually dome shaped, produce images free of distortion and cover larger areas at a time. Some cameras can cover a field as large as 151 degrees.

Wired Home Security Cameras

Wired home security cameras send images to a recorder for viewing on computer or television. Images are sent through the wire to a recorder.

Wireless Home Security Cameras

Wireless home security cameras utilize wireless technology to send images. Cordless phones, wireless internet connections and other wireless objects can interfere with the wireless camera signal. Improved encryption of wireless technology makes preserving the integrity of a wireless connection easier.

Considering Home Security Cameras

When considering home security cameras, be sure to address the purpose of the camera, the location of the camera, and whether wireless or wired is more suitable.

Most home owners using home security cameras are using them for security purposes. They’re watching the nanny or the babysitter to make sure children and pets are cared for properly. Other uses include monitoring the behavior of other family members, such as teenagers or a spouse.

Location is a factor in camera choice. Will cameras need to be hidden? How hard will it be to get power to the camera? Will it be difficult to hide the wire running to the recorder? Will a camera that blends with surroundings be required? Where will the camera be used? Indoors or out, lighting is a factor.

Hidden Home Security Cameras

Hidden home security cameras come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Tiny cameras can be purchased for hiding or objects can be purchased with cameras built in. Some available hidden camera items include various clock designs, DVD player designs, VCR designs, sunglasses, pens, smoke detectors, plants, air fresheners and sprinkler heads.

Night Vision Home Security Cameras

Night vision home security cameras with infrared are also good for low-light areas. The infrared allows the camera to see and record images it wouldn’t otherwise pick up.

Home security cameras are an affordable and powerful tool for home and business owners. The variety of types available make it possible to fit the right camera to the need.

Why Choose A Wireless Alarm System?

Are you looking to get a wireless alarm system for your home but unsure as to whether it is worth your time and money? We urge you to reconsider — wireless alarms are economical and easy to use, and a monitored security system monitors your home 24/7.

Your options in wireless home alarm systems

Wireless systems are typically installed exceptionally quickly, as just 1 or 2 wires are required to connect the primary elements of the system. These systems are elementary to set up, and can be done by the property owner, and are less intricate than robust wired networks. These types of systems are the option to pricey difficult wired systems and are just as capable when it pertains to protecting you and your home.

A wireless alarm is also readily available in portable designs that can be brought along while travelling. They provide individual security and assistance when it comes to an emergency. Wireless security is ending up being very popular as their reliability has improved over the last few years and their cost has lowered as you will see when you buy a wireless home security system online . They are a perfect option for the DIYer which will save on setup expenses. This kind of system is a great DIY option. These systems are straightforward for anyone to set up as there is no wiring needed for the installation.

Having a wireless system is incredibly inexpensive and can be installed very quickly by the homeowner. There’s no need to utilise a specialist to do the task if you are proficient enough at Do It Yourself. These Security systems are prevalent as they are relatively simple to install yourself indicating less expensive to set up, and are typically really reputable. They are exceptionally often quite economical as wireless is instead a recently developed technology. Wireless alarm systems are making waves in the market. Having this choice offered for the already constructed home makes home security readily available to everyone.

The wireless alarm is ideal for the security of your small company. There is two sort of wireless systems offered in the market: self-installed systems and expertly set up operations. Wireless security systems are ubiquitous in both home and work environments. Home security systems are used to avoid triggering events from happening in a personal home while business security systems are typically created to keep a company secure. Wireless security system keeping an eye on for your house and backyard is also available. It is necessary to recognise how vital it is to have your property kept an eye on because without monitoring you have nothing more than a sound maker.

Burglars can cut the electrical wires leading into a home and deactivate a standard wired home security alarm. A trespasser can not shut down a monitored wireless signal by cutting wires. The wireless alarm is the ones that are used the majority of the times in houses. Wireless alarm systems have a good demand among individuals and as you can see that is a significant advantage compared to the other types of alarm. You can safeguard yourself versus anybody burglarising your home with a monitored security system.

Burglaries, murders, and burglaries that occur all over the world make most of us feel less than protected, even at the very best of times. As a result, more individuals recognise the value of having a security system. This kind of wireless network is suitable for driveway security too. Wireless home security alarm reviews will provide you great info on the rate, quality, and features offered by different business for similar systems. Some systems have functions that will immediately call your cell phone and other numbers designated by you, including the regional fire and police departments.